How do I install the software?

Choose the right software for your computer - Windows or Mac - and click the button to start the download process. Once downloaded just install the app on your computer as you would any new piece of software.

Installation is quick and easy.

Is it safe?

The download and install process is completely safe and will not harm your computer. Just follow the instructions and you'll be up and running in minutes...

How big are the files?

Depending on whether you are on a PC or Mac, the files need 60 - 80Mb of disk space. Once installed, you'll find the software has loads more features than any online photobook websites.

Do I need to be online to use the app?

That's the beauty of the Tamar Photogifts app - you can take your time designing your photobook or other products. You only need to be online to upload your product and pay through our secure server.

Need more info on the app and how to use it?
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